Tantric Ganja Room

Creating a Space for Intimacy

A Tantric Ganja Room is a room ‘programmed’ for intimacy. If you can dedicate a room in your house for lovemaking you are, in effect, “programming” that room.

In ancient India dedicating a space for love was a popular practice as the following quote from the 17th-century notes:

“Choose the largest, and finest, and the most airy room in the house, purify it thoroughly … decorate its spacious and beautiful walls with pictures and other objects upon which the eye may dwell with delight. Scattered about this apartment place musical instruments, … refreshments … useful for retaining and restoring vigour; bottles of rose water and various essences, fans and chauris for cooling the air, and books containing amorous songs, and gladdening the glance with illustrations of love-postures.

Splendid Divalgiri or wall lights, should gleam around the room, reflected by a hundred mirrors, whilst both man and woman should contend against any reserve, or false shame, giving themselves up in complete nakedness to unrestrained voluptuousness, upon a high and handsome bedstead, furnished with many pillows, and covered by a rich chatra, or canopy; the sheets being sprinkled with flowers and the coverlet scented by burning luscious incense, such as aloes and other fragrant woods. In such a place, let the man, ascending the throne of love, enjoy the woman in ease and comfort, gratifying his and her every wish and every whim.”

Ananga Ranga: 17th Century AD, India

A Sensual & Sexual Love Ceremony!

Creating a Tantric Space

Creating a Tantric Space can be Inspirational!

The Tantric Ganja Ritual is based on simple psychology. For most of us, just to hear a certain song brings back a particular memory or feeling from an earlier time in our lives. Smells, songs, sounds, sights, tastes, places, even a single word can all act as a stimulus for memories, feelings, and emotions that can go as far back as early childhood.

Just by entering it, sensual feelings start to arise in you. Especially when enhanced with a cannabis high two (or more!) people can meet in a beautiful prepared space to enjoy their sexuality!

These memory cues are very powerful and exist in all of us. Most occur in our everyday lives without us even being aware of them. However, they can also be programmed either by oneself or with the help of a psychologist or hypnotist. This programming process is called NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Tantric Ganja Room for Lovers

Tantric Ganja Room

Tantric Ganja Room

Your bedroom can be a Tantric Room because that is where most couples tend to make love. However, because you do other activities in the bedroom, like reading, watching TV and so on then that tends to dilute the programming effect.

If possible, it can be beneficial to have one private room in your house exclusively for love. It would be a good idea to have an internal and external lock to this room so that others do not accidentally walk in. Also by keeping that room completely secure and private, it gives you the complete freedom to decorate the room exactly as you want!

Here is a suggested list of items to have in your Tantric Ganja Ritual Room:

  • Massage Oils
  • Fragrant Incense
  • Fresh fruits that have a sensual appeal (like bananas, strawberries, cherries, and peaches)
  • Computer or  TV to play erotic videos on!
  • Sensual erotic art to decorate the walls of the room.
  • Aphrodisiacs and relaxants like champagne, fresh oysters, chocolates, and strawberries
  • Marijuana in a form that is most enjoyable for either of you. For instance, one partner might like smoking, and the other might like consuming marijuana as an edible.
  • Stereo for sensual music
  • Love manuals and sensual guide books
  • Colored light bulbs to create different moods. Red light bulbs are especially good because red light is very conducive to erotic love-making and
  • Any cushions or pillows (they are necessary for deeper penetration in certain sexual positions)
  • Candles. Naked bodies look much better bathed in the soft flickering glow of candlelight than say, the harsh glare of fluorescent light.
  • Wall or ceiling mirrors. Both men and women can be turned on by the reflection of themselves. The eyes are an erogenous zone that should not be forgotten!

A Tantric Ganja Room is especially suited for those who lead busy, stressful lives or who have children. By creating a sensual sanctuary against the chaos of this world you should find it easier to unwind and thus be more in the mood for love . . .

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