Tantric Ganja THC Elixir

The Tantric Ganja THC Elixir enhances the natural sensuality of marijuana. Cannabis is combined with other herbs that have a cultural history as aphrodisiacs to make a delicious elixir.

With its secret formula, honed down over years from its birth in Hawaii, the Tantric Ganja THC Elixir uses sensual cannabis in addition to traditional aphrodisiac herbs from around the world, for added pleasure.

Tantric Ganja THC Elixir

In liquid form, this product is quick-acting. Based on testimonials from our Portland Tantric Ganja Event, it is very effective.

Not only does our elixir work on a physiological level, but your body also feels better. But it also works on a psychological level, you feel more in the mood for love.

It is our goal to bring a little more pleasure to people’s lives. These days, with so much misery and stress in today’s world, it might be nice to have a little more sensual pleasure with Tantric Ganja.

The Tantric Ganja THC Elixir is not just for couples. Whether you are spending time with a lover or yourself, the Tantric Ganja Elixir will make your experience a little more sensual. Tantric Ganja can be wonderful for single adults as it makes a wonderful masturbation tool and enhancer.

Tantric Ganja THC: For yoga, massage, & workouts

Sexuality and sensuality are connected but do not have to be the same thing. Tantric Ganja THC can be great for ANY sensual experience.

Tantric Ganja THC is not only meant for lovers or sex. Any activity that involves the senses, such as working out, dancing, snorkeling, and so on, can be enhanced with the tantric qualities of our elixir.

Of course, we strongly advise doing any activity that could involve injury to yourself or others.

Many gentle physical activities such as walking in nature can have that extra sheen. Tantra, after all, is the act of doing with awareness.

Benefits of Ganja use with Sexual Activity:

  • Better awareness of consent than with alcohol to communicate sexual needs and desires with a partner
  • Increased sexual stamina both for male erections and female vaginal lubrication
  • Increased sensory sensation. Smell, taste, touch, sounds, and sights are more intense and pleasing
  • Increased length and power of orgasms.
  • Increased attention to subtle aspects of lovemaking and attention to foreplay
  • Emotional and empathetic bonding between partners.

Females are as likely as men to report enhanced sexual desire with marijuana use. In one study, 90% of women reported that marijuana increased feelings of sexual pleasure and satisfaction to varying degrees, and 40 percent of women reported that marijuana increased the quality of their orgasm.”

Many women report that they feel more relaxed and find it easier to let go of inhibitions imposed on them by religion and culture. Yet at the same time, they are lucid and more in control of their actions than if they use alcohol.

Based on surveys of those who have tried samples, it is very effective! Not only does it work on a physiological level, but your body feels better. But it also works on a psychological level, you feel more in the mood for love.

This pleasurable product is not just for couples. Tantric Ganja can be wonderful for single adults as it enhances the pleasure of masturbation.

Tantric Ganja THC Elixir Research Study 

Marijuana’s effects are determined by many factors such as the personality, physiology, intention, environment, and culture of the user. Each person must discover how it affects them individually.

This is why we conducted our Research Study on Tantric Ganja in Portland OR, where marijuana is legal.

We charge a small fee to take part in the study. You will receive a sample of the elixir and then you are given a questionnaire to describe your experience, erotic or otherwise.

If you would like to be part of our study please feel free to Apply Now.

Tantric Ganja THC Elixir
Tantric Ganja THC Elixir

Tantric Ganja THC Research & Investor Plans

Our goal is to introduce Tantric Ganja THC Elixir in Portland. We hope to expand from there. You are welcome to find out more about our Investor or Donation options to help us bring this product to market.