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We are working on creating Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir, a seductive and refreshing spicy beverage that promotes Consent Culture whether in social situations or the workplace. Tantric Ganja CBD is a non-alcoholic adult drink meant for socializing. We wish to make a cute animated video that shows how this drink can be used socially in social situations involving issues of consent like a date or at a bar.

Alcohol is the usual default drink of choice in social situations. However, it is also involved where there are issues of consent involved. Alcohol has been cited in many cases of rape or sexual abuse. Tantric Ganja is a sex-positive drink. Aside from CBD, it contains herbs for sensual well-being and physical health.

We wish to create a humorous animation video that shows how Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir can be used as an alternative to alcohol in support of consent culture practices in social settings like bars or nightclubs. We want to show that consent is sexy by creating an animated video showing how Tantric Ganja supports consent culture.

Investors, Pre-Orders, or Donations

Tantric Ganja enhances the natural sensuality of marijuana with other aphrodisiac herbs to make a delicious elixir drink. 

We use a secret formula developed over the years at the Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community. Sadly our community was destroyed by the Kilauea volcano eruption in May 2018.

We moved to Portland, OR where we perfected our recipes. Now, are ready to bring Tantric Ganja to market in two different versions:

  1. CBD Version 
  2. THC Version

Both the Tantric Ganja CBD and THC elixirs are being prepared and planned in Portland OR, one of the most sex-positive cities in America.

Tantric Ganja CBD will be our first product. We plan to bring Tantric Ganja CBD to locations in the world where marijuana is legal.

We need funding to make this project a reality.

1. Tantric Ganja Support Donations

Tantric Ganja is a product created for pleasure but with also a practical purpose. Whatever money we receive will go towards the legal and practical preparation for this product.

Any level of funding can be utilized. Even if our fund makes only a fraction of its goal we can still use the funds for legal and preparation work.

2. Tantric Ganja THC Elixir Partnerships

We seek investors and/or supporters to bring Tantric Ganja THC to market in Portland where marijuana is legal. Depending on the size of the investment and the input and energy put into the partnership, we can offer varying partnerships or profit-sharing agreements. 

Due to the high costs of developing a THC product, we are open to partnerships with cannabis producers with experience in producing marijuana edibles or beverages in states or countries where it is legal. 

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