Tantric Ganja Research Study

Survey on Marijuana and Sensual Pleasure

If you live in Portland OR or just visiting the area, you are welcome to apply to be a Tantric Ganja THC Elixir Study Participant.

Tantric Ganja Survey Study

Tantric Ganja Survey Study

The fee is $20 to participate in this sensuality and marijuana study.

You will be given a small sample of the elixir to try by yourself or with a partner(s). And then you will complete the TANTRIC GANJA – LOVE, PLEASURE & CONSENT QUESTIONNAIRE.

This survey is to compare Tantric Ganja THC Elixir and marijuana in general to alcohol when it comes to pleasure and consent.

Even if you have not completed the study in Portland with Tantric Ganja, you are welcome to complete the questionnaire.

Please contact us for details or if you have any questions.