Portland Ganja Elixir Events

Our first Portland Ganja Event was a success!

Have you played with Mary Jane in the bedroom before? Jon Love, Julie and Mojo are combining erotic forces to bring you this offering! Our premier Tantric Ganja Event allows you to explore your sexuality with the Tantric Ganja aphrodisiac elixir!

Marijuana is legal in Portland, one of the most sex-positive cities in the world. So it is a perfect place to launch our cannabis potion for lovers!

Portland Ganja - Tantric Elixir
Tantric Ganja Events in Portland

We will be hosting monthly events for singles and couples in Portland OR

The aphrodisiac properties of marijuana are well known, and since the end of prohibition, many studies have shown the ways THC enhances sensuality by lowering our inhibitions and heightening the senses allowing us to feel more into our bodies, and each others bodies as well.

Tantric Ganja is a carefully curated elixir combining THC with herbs hand picked for their aphrodisiac and energy enhancing qualities.

We offer you a chance to experience this potion in tantric ritual. We will provide a safe container to explore this medicine and deepen our connection with self and others.

Unfortunately this event is only available to singles and couples in the Portland area. To stay in touch with our product as we get closer to market you are welcome to Follow Tantric Ganja.

Once you are following us on Facebook, you can apply to join Tantric Ganja PDX where you can be notified about upcoming events.

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