Portland Ganja Elixir Tryouts

You can help to create a success!

Have you played with Mary Jane in the bedroom before? Participating in our Portland Ganja Study allows you to explore your sexuality with the Tantric Ganja Elixir!

Marijuana is legal in Portland, one of the most sex-positive cities in the world. So it is a perfect place to launch Tantric Ganja!

Portland Ganja - Tantric Elixir
Tantric Ganja Events in Portland

We offer two ways that Portland residents or visitors can experience this product in the Trial stages:

1) Tantric Ganja Study Participants. The opportunity to be part of the study is available to singles, couples and those in poly relationships.

We are offering participants the opportunity to make a donation so they can be a participant in the Tantric Ganja study while supporting our effort to bring this product to market.

Participants would take a sample of either the CBD or THC version of Tantric Ganja. And then you will complete a questionnaire about your experience.

2. Tantric Ganja Workshop Experience. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, we cannot offer you a chance to experience this potion in tantric ritual. We will provide a safe container to explore this medicine and deepen our connection with self and others. In the meantime, join Tantric Ganja PDX where you can be notified about upcoming events.

To stay in touch with our product as we get closer to market you are welcome to Follow Tantric Ganja.

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