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The Positive Connection between Ganja & Sex!

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Ganja Love Stories

Your story can be personal or it can be an article you read or video you admire.

We will post and use some of the best tantric ganja love stories and submissions on this site!

Unfortunately, until marijuana is legal at a federal level we can’t give free samples!

However, for those who live in the Portland, Oregon area, we will be happy to give you a complimentary sample of the Tantric Ganja Aphrodisiac when it is in production!

Tantric Ganja is a marijuana based aphrodisiac.

We need investors and/or supporters to bring the Tantric Ganja Aphrodisiac to market in Portland or Las Vegas, where marijuana is legal. And then we will expand from there!

We welcome financial support for this product’s development. Donors will be first in line for a complimentary sample!