Video Editor, Ganja Special Effects or Animations!

EcoFeminist Erotica Video Editor

Sensual Ganja Friendly Animators & Video Effects!

Sensual Ganja Animators & Special Effects!

THC Special Effects! Do you like marijuana and have Video Editing, Computer Graphics or Special Effects skills? As we are creating a marijuana influenced 'pornumentary' we are looking for a  graphics editor with a sensual and psychedelic focus! Ideally we'd prefer a tech savvy female but a techie male feminist would be equally great to work on this project!

In traditional pornography nearly every sexual act that can be imagined is readily available for free on the internet. While there is no doubt that some of the actors are experiencing pleasure some of the time, for many it is simply 'work'. The 'pleasure' is only for the camera which is why pornography is usually done by professional actors. They can ‘fake it’ well enough for it to appear real!

Our focus is on a woman's sexuality while enjoying cannabis. We are NOT as concerned with depicting a woman's face and identity! So unlike almost every other adult film, we offer the opportunity for women to be a part of this project while remaining confidential!

We are not  competing with traditional pornography. We are creating a different kind of visual erotic experience.

We are filming two different kinds of cannabis themed erotica:

  • Tantric Ganja Pornumentary. This is our serious yet playful series of erotic interviews with women who enjoy ganja in their lovemaking.
  • Tantric Ganja 'Pornzak'! Psychedelic marijuana erotica that can act as a visual 'muzak' for lovers. It can provide an inspirational background to their lovemaking! Our erotic content will be like 'Ganja Pornzak'! Sensual ambient music and imagery tastefully depicting participants in our study in one long flowing clip. There is no plot and no dialogue, just marijuana themed visual erotica! Couples can use it as a great background inspiration for when they are having a Tantric Ganja Ritual!
Anime Ganja Girl

Anime Ganja Girl!

Confidentiality Protection. Our Special Effects Editor would be someone who can take the footage we create and 'overlay' it with special effects and graphics so that the end result is sensually appealing and yet protects the identities of the actors!

Anyone who is accepted for this position will have to sign a Confidentiality Disclosure to protect the identities of the actresses depicted in the videos that they will be working with under our Actress Confidentiality Options.

The Tantra Ganja Women who choose to be part of this project are not professionals. They are ‘real’ women experiencing ganja bliss. And they  have a desire to celebrate that fact! Many have 'normal' jobs and lives. This is their fantasy. Our promise is to protect female confidentiality if they choose to participate in this project.

Because we have received so many applications, we have placed the following limits:

  1. Portland Residents Only. You must reside in the Portland OR, area or nearby. We would like to work with someone who we can easily meet to ensure that they respect Actress Confidentiality.
  2. Small Payment. We pay $50 for the 1st video edit. If we like the work, then we will pay $75 a video thereafter. We are  looking for applicants who appreciate the social value in marijuana as a sensual relaxant as opposed to alcohol for women!