The Tantric Ganja Guru

The Tantric Ganja Guru (or TTGG!) has worked both on an academic and practical level towards female equality throughout his life, including his current job which is related to female empowerment and gender equality.

TTGG studied tantra and sexuality in India, Australia, Hawaii, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. Female empowerment through sensual pleasure has been a constant fascination for him both on a political and personal level.

Through traditional feminism often viewed sex as a 'weapon' in the gender wars, TTGG saw sex-positive feminism as a pleasurable way to bridge the 'gender gap'!

PDX Naked Bike Ride

Tantric Ganja Guru on PDX Naked Bike Ride!

From very early on, TTGG noticed the positive effect of marijuana on sexual pleasure. With further study and travel, he learned of it's use as an aphrodisiac in ancient India. And so began a long delightful journey learning about ganja and sex which continues to this day!

As lifelong lover of the herb and it's sensual properties, he decided to create an ecofeminist project that is pleasurable but with a social mission.

Marijuana has become increasingly popular as a sensory 'permission slip' for women to to enjoy their sexuality. This is the essence of the Tantric Ganja pornumentary; to visually depict the positive effects of marijuana on female sexual pleasure without the loss of control that all too often happens with alcohol.

Ladies First Empowerment & Consent Culture Guidelines

Ganja Queer

TTGG: Cisgender, queer & hetero male!

TTGG is a strong believer in the principles of Consent Culture. However, he goes a step further.

Twice in his life, he was fortunate to be part of communities where there were no double standards; where women could be as sexual as men traditionally are.

He noticed when women truly feel safe, confident and free then they will sexily initiate the first move! In fact, women can easily outlast men in sexual prowess when they are in the throes of sexual pleasure. He has witnessed many times that when a woman feels safe to express her fantasies, feel sexy and not slut shamed, she will!

To establish a better model of human connection TTGG created and follows a Ladies First Guideline for Intimate Relations.

In today's times it is more ethical to just enjoy a female's company. If a woman feels confident and safe for her to choose what she wants then she will make the first move if she's attracted!

For men it is better to concentrate on simply being a good guy instead of following the traditional model of being the man making the first move, sometimes with coercion, pestering or persuasion.

Since the beginning of time, many men routinely violate consent. Patriarchal society has created a society where men are the 'hunters' and women are the 'prey'. So many males try to persuade women to sleep with them using almost every trick or ruse imaginable. They show off how much money they have. They buy drinks. They harass. They lean in too close. They touch without asking.

We just have to look at what's happening with powerful men today to see how much a problem there is of men violating female boundaries.

Most of the lovers in TTGG's life made the first move. He found it such a turn on because when a woman initiates intimacy that is very sexy because she is choosing him!

As a follower of the Ladies First Guideline, TTGG may flirt but will not initiate any intimacy.

TTGG identifies as a gender queer poly male and has lovers already in his life. He is the only male in this project. As he is quick to acknowledge, there is a wonderful benefit in being the creative force because he can enjoy beautiful experiences with females who choose to be intimate 🙂

This is a project is about female pleasure. With the respect he has for Consent Culture and Ladies' First principles, TTGG provides an consistent presence in the film. Thus women who are doing adult erotica for the first time, can feel safe to explore their fantasies.

The Tantric Ganja Guru is the Creative Director. Like many of the women who choose to work on this project he also wishes to work in confidentiality as he does have a 'day job' which is not sex related!