The Tantric Ganja Guru

Mojo studied tantra and sexuality in India, Australia, Hawaii, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. In India, he drank Bhang Lassi, a traditional marijuana-based drink that stimulates sensual feelings!

Both Tantra and ganja are Sanskrit words originating in India. When Mojo learned of marijuana’s use as an aphrodisiac in ancient India it matched his own observations on the positive effect of marijuana on sexual pleasure.

PDX Naked Bike Ride
Mojo on PDX Naked Bike Ride!

Thus began a long delightful journey exploring the connection between ganja and sex which culminated in the creation of  Tantric Ganja, a marijuana-based ecofeminist aphrodisiac that is pleasurable but with a social mission.

Mojo has worked both on an academic and practical level towards female equality throughout his life. He was Community Director of the Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community.

As part of his work on sex-positive feminism, Mojo is a member and volunteer at Sex Positive Portland. SPP was founded in 2009. It has grown quickly with 13 chapters around the world. Portland is the home base.

SPP along with many other clubs and organizations in Portland have developed ethical Consent Culture Guidelines which inspired our Consent Culture Community policies of our pre-volcano community Hedonisia Hawaii.

Marijuana has become increasingly popular as a sensory ‘permission slip’ for women to enjoy their sexuality. This is the essence of Tantric Ganja; to support the positive effects of marijuana on female sexual pleasure without the loss of control that all too often happens with alcohol.