Tantric Ganja Actress!

A Pornumentary about Marijuana & Female Sexual Pleasure!

i) Tantric Ganja Actress in Portland, OR!

We seek females who have pleasurable experiences with marijuana to work on the Tantric Ganja adult video pornumentary.

ii) EcoFeminist Filming Guidelines

Our code of ethics for working with women who have fantasies of being an Adult Actress but would like to remain safe, confidential and private!

iii) Tantric Ganja Actress Confidentiality

Unlike traditional pornography, we are creating a 'pornumentary' or erotic documentary. As a result, we seek amateur women who do not want to reveal their face to the world by being in an adult erotic video.

iv) Amateur Adult Ganja Actress

We do not want acting! We want women who genuinely enjoy their sexuality while high on marijuana and would like to celebrate that fact visually as an inspiration to other women! It's that simple! A fantasy that many 'ordinary' women have is to be a porn star! However, unless she becomes a professional, most women do not act out this fantasy because they would still like to live their normal lives without the notoriety of their sex work being easily accessible on the internet.

v) Relaxed & Intimate Filming Environment

We are creating a 'pornumentary'; not 'pornography'! We do NOT want the artificial contrived 'pleasure' of actors having to stop and change positions for better camera angles, lighting etc. We want a more natural sensual ambience that comes from having a small crew. It creates greater ease and relaxation than being on a large film studio with many cast members and crew milling around!

vi) Our Eco-Feminist Social Mission - Alcohol vs Marijuana!

Women have for too long relied on alcohol as a 'permission slip' to relax into sensuality. It is the social and feminist mission behind this film study to demonstrate that marijuana is a much better 'permission slip' as there is less loss of personal control than with alcohol or other drugs. We wish to attract women to this project who feel the same way!

vii) STD Testing

All Ganja Erotica Adult Actresses must present a printed or electronic copy of their most recent STD tests. They can do this through their own doctor. At the local Planned Parenthood SE Portland those with health insurance can receive the full battery of STD tests at no cost.

viii) Tantric Ganja Filming Sessions

The first filming will be the Sensual Interview. If that meeting goes well, we can reserve future sessions under the Tantra Ganja Actress Fantasy Options! Sessions are 3 - 4 hours long and will consist of interview, chatting, flirting to warm things up and sexual activity either with The Tantric Ganja Guru or another female.

Under our Confidentiality Policy we still need to have a copy of your legal ID to comply with U S government regulations. However, we will not share your identity with anyone other than if officially required by the government.

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ix) Tantric Ganja Actress Pay Options:

Low Pay Rates! As a small feminist entrepreneur production company, we have a modest budget so our pay rates are less than in 'normal' pornography!. We do apologize that we cannot pay more. However, actresses are assured of confidentiality as their identities are hidden with our Special Effects Edits.

Tantric Ganja operates under Consent Culture Principles. This means that the actress has a right to stop filming at any point she feels uncomfortable. In fact, in the Sensual Ganja Interview, the only time any intimacy can happen is if the actress initiates and makes the ‘first move’. Tantric Ganja Guru will not initiate any intimacy! As a choice based film, the actress can end the session at any time!

  • First Meeting: We pay $25 for taking the time to come out for an interview which will be at an office location either downtown Portland or in the Lloyd District.

We have the following pay scales for the Tantric Ganja Sessions:

  1. Platonic Interview: Actress does not initiate any intimacy: $50
  2. Making Out! Actress initiates some intimacy: $150
  3. EcoSexual Hedonist! Actress initiates intimacy that leads to sexual activity: $250

2-Person Set: (Ganja Actress & The Tantric Ganja Guru): On a 2-person set we used 2 fixed angle cameras and one security camera that records all words and actions from the moment the actress enters the filming location. A 2-person set allows for a more natural sensual session.

3-Person Set: (Ganja Actress, Camera Woman & TTGG): When we use a stable camera, we do not have to hire a Camera Woman. So we pay $25 less with this choice.

Actress Fantasy Repeat Sessions. If both Actress and TTGG enjoy their first encounter, they can schedule further filming sessions to explore different fantasies and kinks that the Actress would like to explore. Those are paid at $200 per film session.