Ganja Sex FAQ

Questions on EcoFeminism, Marijuana & Sexuality!

1. Why are you filming in Portland, OR?
2. What do you mean by 'Confidential Erotica'?
3. How do you address the safety concerns of a female wants to be a part of this project?
4. Consent Culture. What if we're filming and I change my mind?
5. What is your budget? Why are your pay rates lower than traditional adult films?
6. Can I work with women only?
7. You call Tantric Ganja a 'sex-positive feminist pornumentary'. Why?
8. Can males be a part of this film project?
9. What is the range of topics you explore in the Ganja Interview? I.e. how intellectual is this film versus being erotic?
10. Do you have any examples of the type of film you're trying to create?
What is your contact info? 

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1) Why are you filming in Portland, Oregon?

As the show Portlandia affectionately demonstrates, Portland has a strong liberal tradition of personal freedom and the hedonistic pursuit of happiness in a quirky awkward way!

True to it's reputation for making everything 'ethical', 'sustainable' and queer friendly, the city provides a welcome home for the many ethical sex positive workers, companies, communities and organizations that are based here.

The Tantric Ganja Guru has traveled around the world, researching sexuality. He has had a wonderful time doing so! However, he chose to base this project in Portland because, in his opinion, it is the world capital of 'Ethical Erotic Entrepreneurs'!

Here are some examples why we think Portland deserves the title!

  • Club Privata: Portland has a unique Sex Club with a Female Advisory Committee and a Volunteer Program to ensure participant safety and enjoyment.
  • HUMP! Portland Porn Festival: The world's only amateur Film Festival that takes place every year in Seattle and Portland!
  • She Bop. A Feminist and LGBTQ Friendly Sex Shop based in Portland.
  • Poly Portland Meetups: As an article in the UK Guardian reports, Portland has some of the most sex positive and ethically non-monogamous communities in world!
  • Sex Positive Portland. One of the most ethical meetup groups covering a wide range of sex positive lifestyles, kinks and orientations in the city.
  • Naked Bike Ride! Portland has the largest nude bike ride in the world!
  • Quirky Burlesque & Strip Clubs! Portland is one of the most feminist cities in the US. It also has the most strippers per capita in America! The two are connected!
  • Portland based THC Vaginal Lubricant! Marijuana, one of the most sensual plants in the world, is finally legal in Oregon! This is allowing companies to experiment with creating sensual products and services.

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2) What do you mean by 'Confidential Erotica'?

As a 'pornumentary', we are creating case studies of sensual interviews of women enjoying themselves under the influence marijuana. So we are not concerned with the identity of the Tantric Ganja Actress but a visual depiction of her positive experience on marijuana!

This means we can accept a female who has fantasies of being an 'amateur' porn star but does not necessarily want to lose her identity, career and reputation from the notoriety that comes from being a 'professional'!

Facial features will either be blurred out or digitized with Marijuana Themed Special Effects! This is one of the reasons why our pay rates are lower than a traditional adult production!

In the sensual portions, the video material will be edited with marijuana influenced special effects, cuts and computer graphics to ensure actress identities are hidden:

  • Partial Confidentiality: Due to the prevalence of tattoos, piercings and other body art, we cannot offer total confidentiality. The actress's full face is not depicted and we try with computer magic to artistically edit the picture and voice so that the actress has 'plausible deniability'! Under our Confidentiality Policy we still need to have a copy of legal ID to comply with federal regulations.
  • No confidentiality: For the woman who is proud of celebrating her connection of sex and marijuana! This is where your full face, figure and voice is shown. Compensation is $250 per session. We only require full identities for actresses who wish to be part of the Portland Hump! Amateur Porn Film Festival.
  • Film Crew? Actress can choose whether or not she would like to have a Camera Woman. In a city as small as Portland, many women do not want to work with a large film crew. For females who value their privacy the more people involved in the project increases the chances of their sensual cover being blown! Amateur females tend not to feel that comfortable when many people are staring at them as they try to be sexy on camera! Because confidentiality and the enjoyment of the women is more important than good camera angles we only have two or three persons including the actress(es) on set.

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3) How do you address the safety concerns of a female wants to be a part of this project? 

  1. We film Tantric Ganja at a private apartment in SE Portland. For privacy and security, we do not share this address until we receive the results of your STD test. Once you have submitted your STD results, you can try the first of our Levels of Tantric Ganja Actress amorous activities!
  2. For the first filming session you may arrive with a friend or share the address with them. Your friend can visit the premises but is not allowed in during filming. You may bring your own marijuana or we will have onsite.
  3. Because we film in a private apartment, we use a security camera to film our entire meeting from the moment you enter the premises. This is for the protection of all parties.

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4) What if we're filming and I change my mind?

Tantric Ganja operates under Consent Culture Principles. As an sex positive feminist project there must be mutual consent and attraction between both parties. This means that the actress has a right to stop filming at any point she feels uncomfortable.

Ladies First Policy. We go a step further! In the Sensual Ganja Interview, the only time any intimacy can happen is if the actress initiates and makes the ‘first move’. Tantric Ganja Guru will not initiate any intimacy!

Because this is a project about female sexual pleasure AND empowerment, when filming with the Tantric Ganja Guru, if the actress does not initiate intimacy or give a strong signal that she would like to start amorous activities that is considered a 'No'. With our filming ethics, anything less than an enthusiastic 'yes' is considered a 'no'!

Plus, as a project that is promoting female sexual enjoyment we consider it much more erotic and empowering when a female initiates intimacy because she is choosing what she wants!

Under these consent guidelines, we have the following pay scales for the Tantric Ganja Intimate Interview:

  1. Platonic: Actress does not initiate any intimacy: $50
  2. Making Out! Actress initiates some intimacy: $100
  3. EcoSexual! Actress initiates intimacy that leads to a varying range of sexual activities: $200

If the actress enjoys herself in the Sensual Interview, then she is welcome to have other sessions based on the Actress Fantasy Levels and Kinks. The payment for each of the return sessions will be $200.

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5) Why are your pay rates lower than traditional adult films?

Many women have a fantasy is to be a 'porn star' but they have too much to lose! Perhaps they are mothers, college students, or work in a traditional company! Being  a porn star permanently affects the career or personal lives of every woman who chooses it.

By allowing a woman to explore this fantasy without losing her identity, we provide a safe supported space for her to explore her cannabis fantasies! This is why our pay is lower!

In addition:

  • We are a small feminist entrepreneur company with a modest budget.
  • We do not want to attract women who are only doing it 'for the money'.
  • We want to attract women who really love their sexuality with marijuana and wish to share that enjoyment!
  • With our Confidential Erotica Policy a woman is not showing her face in our pornumentary so we pay less.
  • We want women who believe in the cause of marijuana as a safer alternative to 'get in the mood' than alcohol!

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6) Can I work with women only?

While we are open to filming sensual marijuana interviews with only women, that is not the focus of this project. Women are not usually guilty of acts of sexual coercion or rape against other women. Consent is typically NOT an issue with inter female dating.

This is a project about how marijuana can give pleasure in a woman's mind and body that allows her to enjoy intimacy but without the danger of losing her ability to give consent as so often happens with alcohol.

As a man who is working on issues of feminism, empowerment and consensual pleasure, the Tantric Ganja Guru is the sensual facilitator where we have this discussion which can either lead to (or not!) sensual activity.

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7) You call Tantric Ganja a 'sex-positive feminist pornumentary'. Why?

Please click here for our Ethical Erotica Filming Protocols and Guidelines to see the various policies we have instituted to make this adult film project a safe, enjoyable and respectful experience for the women who choose to be part of it.

We believe in sex positive feminism and this project is part of our effort to promote a more empowered and sensual approach in the battle for gender equality. Weed has traditionally been a male dominated cultural phenomenon despite it's history of being used for women to assist in childbirth, dealing with menstrual cramps or for pure sensual pleasure! We are part of the new effort to create an empowered sensual weed culture for women!

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8) Can males be a part of this film project?

This is an 'ecofeminist pornumentary' intended to show the safety of marijuana compared to alcohol or other intoxicants for reducing rape while increasing pleasure for women.

While some men will get angry that they can't act in this project, this is not a film about male pleasure. Males all over the world have  many avenues and opportunities to enjoy themselves sexually. Even so called monogamous men have access to escorts, prostitutes, mistresses, strippers and porn which is mostly designed for men!

In today's male run world women simply don't have as many avenues for sexual enjoyment because of double standards and the simple fact of rape which is something that women face disproportionately compared to men.

All over the world there is a truism; Women don't rape men. Men rape women. And alcohol is often involved in rape. We invite men to respect the fact that this pornumentary is for female sexual pleasure and exploration. We want to show the benefits of marijuana as a tool for sexual enhancement and enjoyment that gives them more personal control than alcohol.

For progressive men who wish to enjoy marijuana with their lover, we invite you to try at Tantric Ganja Ritual!

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9) What is the range of topics you explore in every interview? I.e. how intellectual is this film versus being erotic?

The main intellectualism is the comparison of marijuana to alcohol as a a tool for consensual intimacy. The other aspect is to talk about the personal feelings in the body when being touched and fantasies etc.

It is a sensual interview based on sapiosexual conversation. The idea is that we are consuming and chatting about marijuana, sex and consent culture and if the vibe is right then intimacies may proceed!
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10) Do you have any examples of the type of film you're trying to create?

Unfortunately no. We do already have footage of Sensual Tantric Ganja Interviews. However, we are still seeking a Video & Special Effects Editor who we feel comfortable working with!

At present, we are editing Tantric Ganja Pornzak and Tantric Ganja Pornumentary!

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11) What is your contact info? Can we see pictures of the intimate interviewer, check out your profile?

For privacy, confidentiality and security our telephone contact info and address isn't on the website. This is deliberate as we have day jobs that are not sexually related! We also wish to protect our privacy while working on this project!

The Tantric Ganja Guru does have a profile with general details and a blurred photo! However, you get a general sense of what he looks like and he's happy to answer any specific questions you have.

However, if you wish to send him a direct email with your questions you can do so at:

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