Cannabis Erotica Camera Woman!

Tantric Ganja Camera Woman

Cannabis Erotic Camera Woman!

We have found that sometimes women feel more comfortable when they are working in a sexual environment where there are other females around!

And so, as an ecofeminist project celebrating female pleasure we want women to be involved on both sides of the camera!

Some of the actresses might be shy as this may be their first time doing adult work on camera. So we would like to work with a camera woman who is open minded and not afraid to give verbal encouragement to the actors as she is filming!

Because we are working under Consent Culture principles, we want all Tantric Ganja Actresses to feel comfortable, safe and sexy while filming!

We offer the amateur adult actrresses the option where they can choose to work alone with The Tantric Ganja Guru using a fixed position camera as well as security camera. However, they can also work with a Ganja Erotica Camera Woman!

We seek an Erotic Camera Woman who feels comfortable and is good with communication.

Ideally, she should be a sex and marijuana positive female who likes to work 'behind the camera'.

Advanced video skills are not necessary as this is a 'pornumentary' not 'pornography' so we are using easy-to-use video cameras.