Marijuana Pornumentary!

Tantric Ganja: A Sensual Video & Art Documentary Project

Tantric Ganja Feminism!

Our intention of this ' marijuana pornumentary' is to show the benefits of being able to 'turn off' the mental noise of this hectic modern world when becoming sensual. The stigmas, distractions and judgements that befall a woman who wants to enjoy her sexuality are so strong that it is very difficult to 'let go' and enjoy themselves.

Men have traditionally  enjoyed many forms of sexual inspiration, entertainment and ways to 'let go' sexually whether they are married or not. For women around the world, sexual freedom and enjoyment options are definitely more limited.

A Sex Positive Eco-Feminist 'Pornumentary'!

We are creating an adult video study on consent culture, female sexual pleasure, and marijuanaUnlike a 'normal adult movie', we are not focused on creating 'traditional' pornography. There is already enough of that on the web!

The penalties for women in much of the world is often very harsh for those who choose to live sensually. So it is understandable that women often need a 'permission slip'; a way to temporarily turn off thinking about chores and the various things that stress us in this modern reality we live in. Instead she can enter the Pleasure Zone!

Though music, dance or literature can lead a woman to relax into her sexuality, the truth is that the most popular female permission slip is alcohol! Women often will relax with a glass of wine or champagne before amorous activities. With marijuana there is the added element of the very sensual body feeling that comes from being 'high'.

Portland, Oregon. Ethical Sex Capital of America!

As one of the most liberal and progressive cities in the US, Portland has recently legalized marijuana and sexuality is more free here than in other parts of America. So we decided to film here in the 'City of Roses'!

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