Tantric Ganja THC Elixir

Marijuana is an adult product for adults. And marijuana is a very sensual product. The Tantric Ganja Elixir enhances the natural sensuality of marijuana combined with other herbs that have a cultural history of being aphrodisiacs to make for a delicious cocktail.

Indica Strains of Marijuana give a great body feeling!

Indica Strains of Marijuana give a great body feeling!

With its secret formula, honed down over years from its birth in Hawaii, the Tantric Ganja Elixir uses sensual annabis in addition to traditional aphrodisiac herbs from around the world, for added pleasure!

In liquid form, this product is quick acting. Based on surveys of those who tried it, it is very effective! Not only does it work on a physiological level, your body feels better. But it also works on a psychological level, you feel more in the mood for love!

However, this beautiful product is not just for couples. Tantric Ganja can be wonderful for single adults as it makes a wonderful masturbation tool and enhancer!

Our goal is to bring Tantric Ganja to market in Portland OR, where marijuana is legal. We hope to expand from there!