Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir

Tantric Ganja CBD is a carefully curated elixir. It combines CBD with herbs that are historically and culturally known for their sensual and energy enhancing qualities.

For example, Maca powder, ginseng, Tribulus and Jasmine flower all have positive healthy connections in different cultures with regards to healthy human sexuality.

All of these herbs are part of the Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir.

Not everyone feels comfortable getting ‘high’ on traditional marijuana. That is not necessary with Tantric Ganja. 

Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir

Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir

CBD has been found to also have relaxation properties conducive to good lovemaking as noted in a number of studies.

Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir is being developed as a delightful, fun and healthy elixir that is conducive to a happy love life.

We are producing this product as a healthy, and relaxing drink that can be used instead of alcohol or coffee. Or simply as a refreshing and social beverage!

We are using full spectrum Hemp-derived CBD for this elixir as it complies with many current laws around the world. And so it will give us access to a more international market for Tantric Ganja than a THC product which would only allow us to sell in Oregon.