Tantric Ganja Elixir

Marijuana-based Elixir for Sensual Pleasure!

The Tantric Ganja Elixir is being offered two versions:

  1. CBD Version: Coming Soon!
  2. THC Version: Currently being tested in Portland OR.

Tantric Ganja Lovers

Whether you are spending time with a lover, or pleasuring yourself, the Tantric Ganja Elixir will make your experience a little more sensual!

As many would note, sexuality and sensuality are connected but do not have to be the same thing. Taking a drink of Tantric Ganja can be great for ANY sensual experience.

Whether you are spending time with a lover or enjoying an exquisite sunset, Tantric Ganja will make it a little more special!

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Help us to bring Tantric Ganja to market.

We welcome financial support for this product’s development. Donors will be first in line for a complimentary sample! 🙂