Tantric Ganja Aphrodisiac!

Marijuana-based Aphrodisiac for Sensual Pleasure!

Tantric Ganja. A cannabis-infused aphrodisiac enhancing sensual and sexual pleasure! Whether you are spending time with a lover, enjoying an exquisite sunset or pleasuring yourself, Tantric Ganja will make your experience a little more sensual!

We invite you to help us to bring Tantric Ganja to market, at first in Oregon where it is legal, and then wherever the laws change to make it legally available.

Marijuana is an adult product for adults. And marijuana is a very sensual product. The Tantric Ganja aphrodisiac enhances the natural sensuality of marijuana combined with other aphrodisiac herbs to make for a delicious. In its secret formula, Tantric Ganja uses sensual strains of cannabis in addition to those herbs for added pleasure!

In liquid form this product is quick acting and based on surveys of those who tried it, it is very effective! Not only does it work on a physiological level, your body feels better. But it also works on a psychological level, you feel more in the mood for love!

However, this beautiful product is not just for couples. Tantric Ganja can be wonderful for single adults as it makes a wonderful masturbation tool and enhancer!

As many would note, sexuality and sensuality are connected but do not have to be the same thing. Taking a shot of Tantric Ganja can be great for ANY sensual experience.

Whether you are spending time with a lover or enjoying an exquisite sunset, Tantric Ganja will make it a little more special!

We are seeking investors for funding and support at this stage as we prepare our product for release in Portland OR.

However, because of its huge number of hedonistic tourists, and legal marijuana Las Vegas would be our first point of export once federal legalization occurs.

We need funding for the following items:

  • Certified kitchen rental space
  • Legal preparation, copyrights, and trademarks
  • Packaging and Design (We have a very unique packaging idea!)
  • and so on!

For enthusiastic supporters and investors, please feel free to contact us.

For those who would like to support the development of Tantric Ganja please use the link below.

Tantric Ganja is a marijuana-based aphrodisiac that increases empowered consent for women and reduces male aggression.

We welcome financial support for this product’s development. Donors will be first in line for a complimentary sample! 🙂