Tantric Ganja Guru! Mojo Bio

Mojo Bio & The History of Tantric Ganja

Mojo studied Sociology and Women’s Studies at York University. After university, his first major trip was to Israel on a soul-seeking mission. He was one of the first people with a Muslim name to apply to volunteer at a kibbutz. 

Mojo and Lucy at Post-Volcano Hedonisia Hawaii

Mojo & Lucy 2020 at Birthplace of Tantric Ganja, Hedonisia Hawaii

Mojo continued traveling the world seeking cultural experiences and exchanges and living in various intentional communities. His travels took him to Japan, the Netherlands, India, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, and Thailand.

He lived and worked in various small jobs; as an English teacher in Japan, a taxi driver in Toronto, and in nightclubs in Germany. The lack of freedom required for traditional jobs was constraining to him. So he has always been working on his own quirky entrepreneur projects.

While living in Japan, he heard about a hedonistic spiritual community in India run by a feminist guru who was known as Osho. He traveled there and spent 4 years gaining knowledge and insight into different models of community living. He has since incorporated these models into the design and foundation of Hedonisia Hawaii.

As the Community Director of Hedonisia, he began to develop the concept of making money by doing good for the world and synthesizing the ideas he picked up from his travels.

Mojo on May 10, 2018 near to Hedonisia. Now covered by lava

Mojo on May 10, 2018, near Hedonisia. Now covered by lava

On May 27, 2018, that dream was put on a fiery hold as Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted and destroyed the community.

With the loss of his main ‘jig’, Mojo decided to turn his sadness into energy to work on other projects that were on hold.

He had always been experimenting with Tantric Ganja on his sex-positive friends in Portland with great results. But he had hesitated to bring the product to market because Hedonisia took so much of his time.

But now that Hedonisia is gone, he suddenly had more free time. He met Lucy in Portland and now they are working on developing the Tantric Ganja Elixir together.

Though he is managing a Rebirth Hedonisia Crowdfund to rebuild in the future when it is safe to do so, the physical community is on a volcano-induced hiatus.

After the flow, Mojo moved full-time to at his apartment Micro-Community in Portland OR.

Ironically, with the loss of Hedonisia, Mojo now has time to focus on a product that will bring pleasure to many people’s lives. And these days, with so much misery and stress in today’s world, it might be nice to have a little more sensual pleasure with Tantric Ganja!

EcoFeminist Entrepreneur

One of Mojo greatest milestones is that he has been able to come up with a new approach to feminism that is more empowering to women without being threatening to men. He has been able to make that idea of feminism into a successful business and change the conversation about abortion issues. He has given the opportunity to any woman with an internet connection to make her own body decision and was able to accomplish this without giving up his own masculinity. Mojo has continued to develop and promote the concept of allowing women to be empowered and become business owners. 

Future Plans

Mojo wants to continue teaching and spreading this idealistic business approach to achieve social change. His vision is to make a lasting, global impression with the EcoFeminist and Activist Entrepreneur approach to resolving problems in the world today.

Tantric Ganja is part of the Hedonisia Community EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio.

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Tantric Ganja is a marijuana-based aphrodisiac that increases empowered consent for women and reduces male aggression.

We have developed a prototype & need Investors or Partners for this product’s development and launch.

Our goal is to bring the Tantric Ganja Elixir to market in Portland OR, where marijuana is legal. We will expand from there to other legal markets.

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