Invest in Tantric Ganja!

An EcoFeminist Elixir for Cannabis Lovers!

Tantric Ganja enhances the natural sensuality of marijuana with other aphrodisiac herbs to make a delicious elixir drink. 

We use a secret formula developed over years at the Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community. Sadly our community was destroyed by the volcanic eruption in May 2018.

However, while we are crowdfunding to rebuilding our community we now have the time and purpose to bring Tantric Ganja to market.

Aside from pleasure, there is one important advantage that marijuana has as an aphrodisiac. Tantric Ganja enhances the positive effects of marijuana on female sexual pleasure without the loss of control and consent that often happens with alcohol.

Tantric Ganja is an elixir drink. Based on surveys of those who have tried samples, it is very effective! Not only does it work on a physiological level, your body feels better. But it also works on a psychological level, you feel more in the mood for love!

This pleasurable product is not just for couples. Tantric Ganja can be wonderful for single adults as it enhances the pleasure of masturbation! 

Tantric Ganja, Alcohol & Consent Culture

As we describe in detail on our website,Alcohol is often cited as a leading factor in rape and sexual abuse. Marijuana, on the other hand, is very seldom cited as a factor in rape when used by anyone of any gender.

Since legalization, Marijuana has become increasingly popular for women to enjoy their sexuality. When used by males, it seems to increase sensuality while decreasing aggression compared to alcohol.

Our goal is to broaden the market for marijuana as an alternative to alcohol. We hope to do this with Tantric Ganja by showing the clear advantages marijuana has over alcohol as a pleasure-based stimulant.

Funding and/or Partnership options

The Tantric Ganja release is planned for Portland OR, one of the most sex-positive cities in America.

If we received investment capital, the other city we would be open to starting in is Las Vegas where cannabis was recently made legal.

Our goal is to eventually bring Tantric Ganja to locations in the world where marijuana is legal.

We need funding to make this project a reality:

  • State of Oregon Edibles Processor License $4750 (one year)
  • Certified marijuana compliant kitchen rental space
  • Legal Funding (Copyrights, and ensuring our products, contracts and labeling etc is compliant with government regulations)
  • Packaging and Design
  • Initial product offering (1000 samples)


1. Tantric Ganja Elixir Donation Support

Tantric Ganja is a product created for pleasure but with also a practical purpose. Whatever money we receive from this crowdfund will go towards the legal and practical preparation for this product.

Any level of funding can be utilized. Even if our fund makes only a fraction of its goal we can still use the funds for legal and preparation work.


2. Edibles Producers Partnerships

We are also open to partnerships with existing cannabis producers in states or countries where marijuana is legal. Especially those with experience in cannabis edibles!

3. Investor Options

We seek investors and/or supporters to bring the Tantric Ganja Aphrodisiac to market in Portland or Las Vegas, where marijuana is legal. Depending on the size of the investment and the input and energy put into the partnership, we can offer varying partnership or profit-sharing agreements. 

The Tantric Ganja Investor Video