Tantric Ganja Consent Culture Elixir

Cannabis, CBD & Consent Culture

Tantric Ganja is an Omm to consent
It will not make you drunk
But your time is well spent
It’s seductively spicy
Refreshingly tart
mindfully playful
with body and heart!

Tantric Ganja CBD: A Consent Culture Elixir

Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir  is an ecofeminist entrepreneur product whose goal is to compete with alcohol as an adult beverage meant for socializing. Tantric Ganja is non-alcoholic and thus allows better ability to give conscious consent if a social situation turns intimate. . 

According to human rights organization, Amnesty International, Consent Culture is “where positive, enthusiastic consent is the norm. It is for anyone who wants to promote a culture based on mutual consent, respect, and positive sexuality”. 

As a consent culture elixir, Tantric Ganja CBD increases relaxation while being sober thus reducing non-consensual intimate encounters. It is a fun drink that is an automatic conversation starter. It is great for a bar, nightclub or social setting where alcohol is consumed.

In the #MeToo era, consent when dating or at social establishments like a nightclub, is very important. As a Consent Culture beverage, we hope to stimulate discussion of this subject.

Tantric Ganja E.R.O.S. – Consent Culture Principles

Education about consent is essential to any social encounter:

Enthusiastic: Consent must not be coerced or forced.

Revocable: consent can be withdrawn at any stage.

Responsible: Adults are responsible for their consent.

Ongoing: Consent must be continuous. Regularly check in with each other.

Sober: If influenced by drugs, alcohol, asleep or non-responsive, you cannot legally provide consent.

Our target market is adults who wish to enjoy a relaxing, social drink that feels a little risqué and intriguing without causing any intoxication. Females report greater ability to give consent when consuming CBD products than they do with alcohol. This is especially important if they are on a date or drinking at a nightclub or other similar social establishment.

However, while our target market is those who identify as female, Tantric Ganja is for all adults who would like to use a CBD drink designed for sexual health and relaxation. Consent culture is for everyone. Consent is sexy.

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