Alcohol and Marijuana

Alcohol as a Libido Enhancer

In many countries alcohol and marijuana are used as social lubricants. However, in most cultures around the world, there are harsher societal judgments that women face for enjoying their sexuality. Whatever the reason, it is often difficult for a female to ‘let go’ into sensual pleasure.

This is why so many people consume drugs or alcohol to temporarily ‘leave’ this world and enter the world of pleasure.

Sex and Alcohol

Sex while tipsy can be fun but being drunk means less control of consent than being ‘high’

The more alcohol a person consumes the less capable they are of making rational judgments. As reported in Campus Safety, “43% of the sexual victimization incidents involve alcohol consumption by victims and 69% involve alcohol consumption by the perpetrators”.

Traditionally alcohol has been used by many women as a relaxant to ‘get in the mood’ for lovemaking. Alcohol in a sense acts as a ‘permission slip’. A few glasses of wine or champagne can work wonders to forget the patriarchal ‘double standards’ that make it so difficult for women to enjoy their libido.

Marijuana for Lovers

Sadly there are few scientific studies on the subject. Based on anecdotal reports, women who are ‘high’ on marijuana are still more in control of their faculties than if they are drunk. She may feel sensual in her body but she still knows who she is and what her boundaries are.

We advocate the use of marijuana as a better ‘permission slip’ than alcohol because it gives a woman more control of her actions while at the same time allowing her to ‘let go’ into her pleasure centers. In other words, we hope that increasing marijuana consumption among women as an alternative to alcohol will reduce incidents of rape and sexual assault.

The exceptions are when marijuana is consumed with other drugs or alcohol. And also if marijuana is consumed in edible form. The results can be quite strong and can impair judgment as much as alcohol.

The key for a female is to know the best way to consume it that works for her! For some women, vaping might be better. For others smoking or eating small doses. Once a woman finds the dose that brings out her sensuality she should stick with it.

A Consent Culture Elixir

Both THC and CBD in cannabis have been illegal for so long that for some women, it is still thought of as illegal. As such it can be associated with feelings of paranoia and anxiety. However, as marijuana becomes increasingly legal and available, more women are trying it without the fears of the past.

Many are already using it to enhance sexual pleasure. We have received stories from women about how they feel more sensual and in control when using marijuana compared to alcohol. If more women use it as their sensual drug of choice, marijuana can help to reduce rape while at the same time increasing pleasure.

Part of the social justice goals of Tantric Ganja will be to produce reports and data on how marijuana use by women is increasing respect for consent culture and reducing rape.

Alcohol is used most in casual sex

A couple of drinks to set the mood or for liquid courage is one thing. But getting smashed? That makes you do things you didn’t want to do, with people you didn’t want to do them with. It diminishes your physiological ability to enjoy sex or perform sexually. It inhibits your psychological ability to set boundaries and express desires. It weakens your determination to use condoms. It makes you more sexually aggressive or more vulnerable to sexual aggression, and it also just blurs your memories and I mean, don’t you want to remember it? Dr. Zhana Vrangalova. 2014 Ted Talk.

Tantric Ganja™ & Alcohol

Tantric Ganja™ is a great adult alternative beverage to alcohol. It can be a refreshing drink whether cold, at room temperature, or on the rocks. You can add sparkling water to give it more effervescence.

However, Tantric Ganja™ is also a wonderful complementary cocktail mixer with alcohol. It mixes well with rum, vodka, and tequila. A Tantric Ganja Mimosa with champagne is delicious.

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