Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir

A Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Beverage for Socializing

Quench your thirst with Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir. Embrace sensual well being with an adult drink that combines CBD with herbs that are historically and culturally known for their sensual and energy enhancing qualities.

Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir

All the herbs we use such as hibiscus and cinnamon, have positive connections in different cultures to healthy human sexuality.

We use a number of these herbs as part of the Tantric Ganja CBD Elixir. Not everyone feels comfortable getting ‘high’ on marijuana which contains THC. That does not happen with Tantric Ganja CBD.

CBD has been found to also have relaxation properties conducive to good lovemaking as noted in a number of studies.

We are producing this product as a healthy, and relaxing drink that can be used instead of alcohol or coffee. Or simply as a refreshing and social beverage!

We are using full spectrum Hemp-derived CBD for this elixir.

Tantric Ganja is part of the trend towards female-centered health and wellness products related to cannabis. Branding ourselves as a social and activist entrepreneur company differentiates us from other non-alcoholic competitors.

As we prepare this product for the market, we are taking pre-orders. Tantric Ganja will retail at a forecast price of $16.99 for a 750 ml (wine size) bottle.

Our CBD drink can be enjoyed alone or as a mixer. It plays well with many other alcoholic beverages like rum and vodka. Put a little bubbly water or champagne and make a lovely cocktail.

Tantric Ganja CBD Consent Culture Survey

We are marketing Tantric Ganja CBD as a consent culture beverage. This survey is about your knowledge of consent, socializing and alcohol.

Advance purchases from supporters.

Tantric Ganja CBD Advance Purchase

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As an elixir, Tantric Ganja allows relaxation while maintaining aware consent for women. This compares well to alcohol. In addition, using either CBD and THC products results in less male aggression compared to alcohol.

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We welcome financial support for Tantric Ganja™ development. Donors will be first in line for a complimentary sample. 🙂


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